Mirror Entertainment is a young reckless and refreshing creative production company, who strive to cooperatively spark reflecting light into our culture through visually strong storytelling and compelling content.

Our Team

Lukas Valentin Bauer Wiene
Founder / CEO
Writer & Director
+45 51335133

Emil Holden Boye
Founder / CEO
Cinematographer & Colorist
+45 24840899

Nanna Hoffmann
Creative Director
+45 28102522

Tobias Ervolder
Writer & Director
+45 42484692

Henrik Bill
Creative Director
+45 71723157

Tobias Hjorth

Contact Us

CVR-nr: 39579545
+45 51335133

Copenhagen Office
Else Alfelts Vej 76D 1TH
2300 København Syd

Silkeborg Office
Smingevej 27F
8600 Silkeborg

Mirror Entertainment

Our Vision
The vision of Mirror Entertainment is plain simple; we want to tell passionate stories, until we have nothing more to share - and we want do it our way.

We dream of making award-winning feature films and TV series that address cultural imperfections, complex love and society issues.

We want to give you goosebumps and we want to make your heart melt.

Furthermore we desire to develop into a creative agency that paves the way for young filmmakers and creatives in a competitive industry and an ever-evolving world.

Overall, the goal is to share knowledge and inspire the individual in a sustainable way.